50 Ways to Brighten up Someone’s Day

Brighten up someone's day

Sometimes we focus so much on bringing positive energy into our own lives, we forgot to project that same positive energy outwards. Take some time away from yourself and use these tips to brighten up someone’s day.

  1. Bake some goodies and bring them to work for your co-workers.
  2. Send out thank you notes.
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Give your change to the homeless.
  5. Leave “I love you” notes for your partner to find (perhaps his packed lunch or his work trousers pocket).
  6. Help a struggling elderly person or mother take their shopping to their car
  7. Say “hello” to a stranger.
  8. Stop to give your spare change to a charity collector.
  9. Smile at a stranger.
  10. Let someone go in front of you in traffic.
  11. Send an old friend a message asking how things are going for them.
  12. Talk to a stranger in the grocery store queue.
  13. Compliment someone.
  14. Leave dollar notes on a vending machine for the next person to use.
  15. Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror saying “You’re beautiful.”
  16. Send your partner a romantic/cute text message.
  17. Call up a relative or friend just to ask how they are.
  18. Offer your seat to someone standing on the train or bus.
  19. Cook “too much” of those special sausage rolls, or whatever your specialty is, and give the extras to a relative or friend.
  20. Help a leaflet distributor in the streets out and take a flyer.
  21. Smile at a stranger.
  22. Give someone a generous tip.
  23. Offer to make your co-workers their morning coffee.
  24. When you arrive for work, ask your co-workers how they are and if they had a good weekend (and show genuine interest).
  25. Make chit-chat with a stranger in an elevator.
  26. Is the person at the till in front of you short of change? Pay that extra to help them out.
  27. Hold the elevator for someone.
  28. Send someone a gift (flowers or box of goodies).
  29. Help out a co-worker.
  30. Let your partner or children choose what TV show to watch.
  31. Run an errand for someone.
  32. Listen to someone else’s problems.
  33. Donate to charity—whether it be household items you don’t need or old clothes.
  34. Write a love letter to your partner.
  35. Next time you are at the grocery store, buy a little gift for someone (e.g. your partner favourite chocolate bar).
  36. Tell someone a joke or funny story.
  37. Visit a friend or relative in hospital (don’t forget to bring them a gift!).
  38. Have a friendly chat with the cashier.
  39. If you had a good service at a restaurant, let the manager or waitress know.
  40. When you see a friend or relative, instantly give them a hug (unless they are not a hugger).
  41. Have a bath ready for your partner’s return from work.
  42. Treat a friend or relative to lunch.
  43. Write a love message on the shower door for your partner.
  44. Compliment others’ work on social media.
  45. Write down positive quotes and place them in library books.
  46. Give old clothes to a relative or friend.
  47. Put change in an expired meter.
  48. When your partner comes home, greet them at the door with a hug and kiss.
  49. Talk to someone who doesn’t know anyone at a party.
  50. Offer to return a cart for a mother or elderly person.

Featured photo credit: janainacastelo via flickr.com

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Live in the Magical 3D World of Vinicius Costa

When the YTD team first came across these 3D works, we thought they were built by a million tiny creatures. Nope, these worlds were rendered digitally by a 33-year-old art director from New York, Vinicius Costa. He is an ADC Young Guns Award 2012 winner who, according to the press, was owner of “a fantastic and unique world with stunning craftsmanship and imagination.” Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Costa now resides in New York.

Kindly explain to us what it is that you do exactly

I am a director and art director. I am a co-founder of a production house (called) Roof Studios. We opened this studio around one year ago. My personal website has a combination of personal artworks that I do when I find free time (mixed) with styleframes for pitches we do at Roof and print commercial work. At Roof, we make films in animation and I do multiple tasks depending on the client’s needs (whether it’s) designing or directing a film. 

I try to break the wall of the topic “What is art?” within a commercial context. I treat both my personal and commercial work the same way. I have passion for details and I use my perfectionism on everything I have the opportunity to work with.


For Melissa Amazonista (Brazilian footwear brand)


Style frame for Friskies Plus

When did you start drawing?

I started drawing when I was a kid. But to be honest, my drawings skills aren’t the best although I am constantly trying to study and improve it. I don’t have lots of free time to do so. I graduated in graphic design and then I did a certificate program in Visual Effects. I ended liking (mixing) both therefore I created my style. I create images usually straight in 3d or it starts from super rough doodle on paper.

What was your first artwork/project?

My 1st project was a painting I did in Photoshop. I just did an abstract illustration with lots of color. The result of that helped me to realize I could do it. After the first one, I ended up investing more time in studying 3D and my work became much more CGI than painted. I was fortunate to work as a designer for MTV Brasil (at) one point and there I had the chance to discover my style. MTV worked as a great creative school for me where I tried different styles for design.



Style frame for Duncan Hines (baked goods)

What are you currently working on?

We are working on new projects at Roof. We are in the middle of a production film for HBO Asia, plus we are doing some print jobs for Toshiba. Great stuff! We’re producing the films where me and my partner, Guto, are the directors and I am doing the design of the first film.

How do you start your work? (3-5 simple steps)

I try to tell a little story with only one frame. I am also a director and I like the sense of storytelling. I don’t design images just to look pretty but I want to challenge the viewer to understand the message in each of them. Sometimes I am in bed and I have an idea; I doodle something real quick on any paper next to me and I save it. When I find myself with some free time I start straight in 3d, and from there I go all the way until the end. I am constantly looking for interesting art ideas. I find it in architecture, in color uses, patterns, everywhere. When I see something inspiring I save it.


“Home” – original work


What’s your medium or what software do you use?

I use Photoshop and Modo for 3D.

What do you call your art style?

Wow this is hard. I call it post-surrealism — surrealism with a touch of technology. I can change day to night in a click of a mouse in 3D. But of course I don’t even want to be compared with the masters of surrealism. They were the real deal. Haha.

Your inspiration and/or favorite subject?

I am the kind of guy (who) in the middle of a conversion can easily loose focus and pay attention to something that is happening behind the person that is talking to me. I am constantly looking around, noticing things. I feel I have a pretty strong awareness. I find inspiration everywhere; I believe it is not exactly about how you find inspiration but how you become aware of (it) when you find something useful to you, you notice it and save it to your brain.



For Amnesty International

All photos courtesy of Vinicius Costa. See high-res versions here.

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Awesome dad and his kids created Wonder woman’s invisible jet using LEGO

Awesome dad and his kids created Wonder woman’s invisible jet using LEGO

This you gotta see to believe! Animator and all-around cool dad John Wray spent the entire weekend with his kids building Wonder Woman’s invisible jet using 3,200 LEGO pieces.

We have to hand it to them, constructing a normal LEGO model can already be quite the task, what more an entire set with invisible blocks and invisible instructions! Keep going for photos of the entire building process and the finished product.

invisible lego jet

invisible lego jet 2

invisible lego jet 3

invisible lego jet 6

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mikelić vreš arhitekti completes histria aromatica homestead in croatia

clad in stone excavated from on site, the facility unites a residence, restaurant, museum, and educational program around a central courtyard and pool.

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Can You Mix It? — Testing the Cutthroat Kitchen Sabotages

In true evilicious fashion, Cutthroat Kitchen host Alton Brown has been known to not only sabotage chefs’ ingredients, but also to disrupt their means and methods of preparing and cooking them so as to guarantee the most hilariously challenging situation possible. And during tonight’s second preliminary heat of the Superstar Sabotage tournament, he proved he wasn’t about to forgo those unfavorable trials simply because of the all-stars’ celebrity status when he auctioned off mandatory — and inferior — mixing and cooking vessels during the Round 1 pancake test.

A colander and a Bundt pan took the place of two chefs’ bowls and skillets, as the chefs were doomed with sabotages that forced them to both combine all of their ingredients and cook their pancakes in those sole vessels. Given that pancakes ought to come together with both dry and liquid ingredients, would it be possible to prepare a batter in a colander, and what would happen when they tried to cook round pancakes in a fluted pan? It turns out that the Cutthroat Kitchen culinary team had similar questions before these items were sold at auction, and they tested the sabotage ahead of the battle to make sure the challenge was feasible.

Click the play button on the video above to watch their attempts unfold, and hear more from the culinary crew about what it takes to approve this sabotage.

Don’t miss the next heat of Superstar Sabotage on Wednesday at 9|8c, and tune in for an all-new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday at 10|9c.


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