Recipe for Love. Photo courtesy of Lucia Neare.

Recipe for Love. Photo courtesy of Lucia Neare.

Recipe for Love
May 3 * Four o’clock
Great Lawn * City Hall * Redmond
15670 NE 85th Street
Redmond, Washington

Join us in Redmond for this Spring event from artist Lucia Neare and the city of Redmond. Recipe for Love is a participatory performance celebration. There will be Spectating! Dancing! Frolicking in the streets! Sharing of cake!In order to have the best possible festivities, we offer these suggestions:

Bring Your Bestest Cake To Share:
Please bring a cake to enjoy with your friends and neighbors: store-bought or homemade, it matters not. All Cakes are welcome. When you arrive, you’ll be guided to the “Cake Library,” where you’ll “check” your cake (to be safely watched over by our Cake Librarians until it’s time to share.) Bring all the necessary serving accouterments, too: Napkins. Plates. Forks.

Wear your Pinkest apparel or dare to go Dapper:
It’s spring! Dress up! Celebrate the season with some zing!

Join your friends and neighbors for the Grand Promenade:
Travel light. Be prepared to move. We’ll form five grand parades. There will even be a bunny-sweetheart route for those with very little ones, and those for whom mobility is an issue.

Dance the Maypole:
Pick up your heels and dance about the Maypole with the Rabbits of Spring!

Yes, there will be dancing! On grass! Please wear footgear that make you feel comfortable and happy! We look forward to celebrating Springtime with you!

Recipe for Love is created by Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders. The work is commissioned by the City of Redmond, with support from 4Culture. For more information about Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders, please visit Lucia’s website. Lucia Neare has recently been awarded a Doris Duke Performing Artist award. We are proud to have supported Lucia’s performance work over the years.


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The Sony a6000 features a 24MP APS-C sensor that includes phase detection AF points across 92% of the frame and 11 fps continuous shooting with subject-tracking. It’s the first E-mount camera of its style not to be branded ‘NEX’. As we work toward a full review, read our shooting experience report and check out our real-world samples gallery to find out if the a6000 is more than a refreshed NEX-6 by another name. Learn more and see gallery

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Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 12.51.15 PM

I’ve written about Soundrop before, it started as a Spotify app but has since expanded to Deezer. Soundrop allows users to join rooms which usually center around a specific genre of music. The room collectively picks what songs to play, songs with the most votes move to the top of the playlist. Soundrop is accessible on desktop, iOS, and Android.

So what does Soundrop look like from an artist standpoint?

The Soundrop team regularly schedules artist appearances on the app. Tomorrow both B.o.B and G. Love are scheduled to join their own Soundrop rooms, pick music, and chat with their fans. Artists’ rooms are opened up ahead of time. This allows fans to interact with each other and lets an artist build awareness of their scheduled appearance.

Now for the first time one of Soundrop’s partners has agreed to share some stats from an artist appearance.

Demi Lovato had a scheduled appearance on Sunday, April 20th. Her fans ended up crashing all of Soundrop, so the appearance was rescheduled for Monday, April 21st. The second time Demi Lovato’s Soundrop room was given its own server, but her fans crashed it again. Before crashing the server her fans entered 180,000 chat messages, breaking Soundrop’s previous record of 54,000 chat messages.

Her Soundrop chat had to be cancelled, which isn’t ideal, but most artists aren’t going to bring that crazy level of fan interaction to the chat rooms. The interesting aspect of this is how Demi’s Spotify streams were affected.

Demi announced the chat on April 11th, posting about it online.

Her streams then raised 5 percent overall for the week ending April 13th. Her current single “Neon Lights” also saw a 10 percent stream increase during this period.

Her overall streams were also up 5 percent for the week ending April 20th.

Thomas Ford, Soundrop’s Chief Marketing Officer, says:

“I think this proves that fan engagement can grow streams and keep that halo effect going.”

Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. She also runs West Coast Fix. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

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Apartment transforms and opens up like a playground for grown-ups

Wow, what is this? This crazy apartment design by Vlad Mishin comes with metal-framed plywood sculptural moulds that sharply pivot, fold and rotate to reveal the TV panel, the kitchen, and openings to different parts of the 60-sqm space. It looks like a total delight to live in.

Vlad Mishin

Vlad Mishin

Vlad Mishin

Vlad Mishin

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Inspired by high fashion, this limited edition Method Home laundry soap is reminiscent of trendy textiles with a fun bright color palette.

“This spring, Method is launching a new fragrance, Sunset Breeze, to our innovative laundry collection. This new scent is a light, fruity, tropical escape – the perfect solution for freshening up your spring wardrobe if it’s been in hibernation for the winter.  The hypoallergenic, plant-based formulas deliver clean, soft, beautifully-scented clothes and the convenient packaging eliminates the need for a messy laundry cap or wasteful dryer sheet.

Our goal with this limited edition pattern is to bring high fashion and elevated design to the laundry room. The pattern is reminiscent of the trendy textile details found in resort wear and the bright tropical color palette is inspired by an island paradise at sunset.

Sunset Breeze is available in our 8x concentrated laundry detergent and our innovative dryer-activated fabric softener spray, which replaces the traditional dryer sheet.

These products are available at Target stores and on


Designed by Method

Country: United States

City: San Francisco

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