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Hello there, I am currently taking part in the Online Card Classes Background Check class. I don’t often get around to sharing my homework with you but today, I thought I would show you what I have been up to. I apologise that if you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen these projects, but hopefully you won’t mind seeing them again!

Day One (Monday) shared inking techniques and I decided to have a play using a technique by the amazing Jennifer McGuire. She used an inked background along with a stencil and a baby wipe to get an ink reaction. It was great fun, even if my hands were bright pink and orange afterwards!
Day two (Yesterday) shared stamping techniques. I decided to have a play with a technique by the amazing Kristina Werner. She made a pattern using dye inks, along with white pigment ink. Again, I had a lot of fun with this technique.
I am really enjoying the class so far and hope to get these backgrounds I have made on to cards soon. Are you taking the class? If you are, I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am! Thanks so much for visiting me today, have a great day!

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Photographer Transforms His Kitchen Into a Skatepark for Fruits and Vegetables



Since childhood, Paris-based photographer Benoit Jammes has held a passion for skateboarding and extreme sports; although throughout the years he has turned his attention towards his artistic pursuits, he has found a way to marry his boyhood passion and his current everyday life with Skitchen, a photographic investigation into the unknown and clandestine adventures of foods.

While Jammes maintains the various produce and ingredients pictured in Skitchen do in fact come to life once we turn our backs, he does admit (when pressed) to a tiny bit of post-processing. For the most part, however, the scenes are true to life, and the photographer takes care to build believable and real scenarios in the kitchen.

When asked what he hopes audiences will draw from the project, he reports that he wants to inspire us to get creative, both in the pantry and in the skatepark. He ends on an elusive and playful note: “There’s no magic in this series; the most difficult thing is to be discreet to get the perfect shot of a perfect grind without being seen!” says the artist before letting out a laugh.








All images © Benoit Jammes

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I’m Just a Big Old Fraud

Do you ever feel like a fraud when it comes to being an adult?

I do!

In many ways (although my body would have me believe otherwise) I still feel like I am a clumsy teenager fumbling my way into the world of grown ups, and much like the little girl getting busted for massacring her mum’s good lippy and breaking the heels off her favourite shoes – I half expect someone to grab me by the collar and scold me for pretending to be a grown up … you know, trying to fool everyone in to believing I am older than I really am and all that.

The thing is, I don’t really feel any older on the inside.

I’m still afraid of being on my own at night, I still refuse to eat my Brussels sprouts and I wouldn’t for even one minute think that when someone says something like “ask the lady” that they are actually referring to me!.

Bloody hell no!

One of my boys asked me what it’s like to be an adult when we were in the car on the way to school the other day and I was all “I dunno, why dontcha ask an adult”.

He looked at me like I was bonkers and I’m sure he couldn’t decide whether I had hit my head and lost my marbles or I was just completely full of shit.

Whilst it’s been a long time since I was asked for id (like a looooong time), and you could totally be excused for thinking an eight year old did my makeup on some days, and not to mention that I still cannot for the life of me walk in high heels – I AM a grown up.

I’m a proper bonafide adult and yet I still feel like a big old fraud when I find myself doing grown up things.

Take for example, the other day I was sitting in an accountants office signing a whole load of businessy paperwork for a whole load of businessy stuff and despite the fact that I knew I had a good ten years on the guy I was dealing with, I kept waiting for him to ask me to get a grown up to sign for me.

I felt like I should be looking around for someone to step in for me, like an adult perhaps? Or at least someone who is more adultier than me. But there wasn’t anyone to step in for me, because there wasn’t anyone any more adulty in that room than me.

Now that’s a sobering thought.

Being the oldest in a room.

Holy shitballs!

I was the baby of the family. I was the one who begged everyone to NOT be treat like the baby.

What the hell happened?

One minute I’m this timid little ten year old who thought that anyone over 25 was practically geriatric and then suddenly… BAM… I have adult stamped all over my face in the form of crows feet and laugh lines, my bones are staring to creak and I have these little people who look at me like they expect I should have a half a clue about being in charge of stuff.

I swear we somehow skipped a decade or two.

I don’t think people actually lie about their age.

Nup, I think they are so damn shellshocked with the speed at which they aged that they simply lost track of the years… or at least that’s what I’m going with from here on in.

Do you feel like a fair dinkum proper grown up? Does it scare you?
Or do you still feel at least 10 years behind what the age on your passport says?

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Q&A: Take Aim with Eskimo Callboy

They are German and they play rap metal! Eskimo Callboy are rowdy, raucous, irreverent German rockers. They want to meet Miley Cyrus and do a song with her because they love her. And FIFA. Get to know them! Crystals is out now. Twitter-size your bio — your choice of 140 words or characters, if you

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