Next Generation: Ildikó Valicsek

Overlap by Ildikó Valicsek.
This Hungarian textile designer has come up with an ingenious system for generating a never-ending array of patterns.

Recent textile design graduate Ildikó Valicsek has created an ingenious series of patterns whose endless, eye-popping variations belie the meticulous, systematic approach behind them. The pattern system, called “Overlap”, was her master’s graduation project from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

Over three months, Valicsek experimented with different patterns, reducing them to their simplest elements, investigating how they could be overlaid to create new patterns and testing combinations of colours.

“This is a concept about how to create an endless and modular pattern collection of very similar, basic and geometric elements, that communicate with each other,” says the Hungarian designer, who compiled her pattern designs into a book.

She came up with five basic layers that, when combined, can generate other patterns. She coded these five “starter” patterns alphabetically from A to E so that they function as a font.

The pattern system can be loaded into any programme as a font file, giving users the freedom to make their own patterns. Each of the five basic patterns functions like a skeleton over which the other patterns can be laid.

The patterns can also be layered onto each other in five different ways: basic, striped, checked, figured and offset.

Some resulting patterns are simple and others more complex.

Overlap by Ildiko Valicsek
Overlap by Ildiko Valicsek
Overlap by Ildiko Valicsek
Overlap by Ildiko Valicsek
Overlap by Ildiko Valicsek

“The most important thing behind the designing process was to use only one geometric element in one module, like a square or triangle,” explains Valicsek. “Because only simply patterns can be layered on each other and make new patterns. If the modules are too difficult it will never work, because then only two patterns can be layered onto each other, otherwise it will be a chaotic surface.”

The young designer’s interests don’t stop at textile design. She is drawn to modularity and system thinking in general and considers herself a furniture designer as well. Her modular room divider, Roll, consists of interlocking pieces that can be fitted together in multiple ways.

Aside from the spectacular patterns resulting from Overlap, the beauty of the system lies in the versatility of its application. It can generate continuous, uninterrupted patterns for printing, or individual elements can be used in branding or in décor applications such as tiles.

Valicsek is developing a website through which the Overlap patterns will be available for ordering. “I think the uses are endless like my patterns because it’s a very simple and easy-to-use system,” she says.


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Role Of Website Development In E-Commerce

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Street art that makes more sense as you come closer

Street art that makes more sense as you come closer

Street artist Pejac’s latest works in Paris involve you having to give them a detailed examination, because if you don’t come closer, you might not even notice they’re artworks at all! One of his street art involves a seemingly ordinary door on a wall, but upon inspection, it’s actually just a clever painting on a thick wall crack.

Another work might trick you into thinking a little girl is using a magnifying glass to torture ants – but they’re really torturing tiny people! His last work involves a silhouette throwing a water balloon, but the splat contains a Manet painting, ‘The Luncheon on the Grass’.

You can find out more about Pejac and his street art here.

pejac 1

pejac 3

pejac 2

pejac 5

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Tamarindo. Casa Cocina | Patio Bar

Located in Ourense, Spain, this place is anything but typical, it is a refreshing alternative for local walkers used to the traditional bar or restaurant. The architect Ruben D. Gil and his wife Gretta R. Valdés decided to spice up the rainy Galician city with an unusual spot to enjoy international cuisine and drinks in an atmosphere of light wood ceilings, adobe walls, dim lighting and steel furniture. The agency worked on the design of its visual identity, stationery materials, packaging for branded products, to go packaging, coasters, menus and tote bags. A custom made bottle of water on each table will welcome its guests in October 2014.

Pictures of the restaurant will be added then.

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Five Easy And Affordable Weekday Meals AND A Giveaway

This post is brought to you by Coles
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, just between you and me and the rest of the internet…

I have a brand new infatuation going on with the food channels. River Cottage Australia, Paddock to Plate, even good old Nigella has been on high rotation and the upside of my new foodie crush is that I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen than I normally do.
Let me clarify exactly what ‘normal’ time in the kitchen looked like for me …. blink and you would miss me!
Come on, it’s no news that the kitchen and I haven’t always been friends, and yes I have guilty of abusing my hubby’s good nature and leaving him to do as much of the cooking as I could possibly get away with.
But recently I discovered all these foodie shows whilst I was flicking around waiting for The Bachelor to start and blow me down I have actually been enjoying them. 

I know right!
My Foxtel box is full of recorded programs and more than that I have been inspired to spice up our meal plans with a whole load of new recipes.
The kids and the hubby are seriously loving that I am cooking all these new dinners and they sure are laying the praise on thick. Of course I am totally soaking it up and my head is getting so darn big with all their complimenting… but *ahem* who am I to tell them to stop?
My goal is to build up a 6 week cycle of easy weekday meals that the kids actually enjoy. The idea being that I can then use my menu planner to plan our meals a week ahead, especially handy if we have a busy week planned. It also allows me to take advantage of some of the cheap Down Down prices Coles have on offer on some of their family favourite quality meats.
Dude I can save us some serious dosh. Dosh that can go towards the overseas family holiday I am desperately saving up for next year.
Feeding the family for less and making meal times easier for me – Totally for the win!
Below are the first 5 Easy Weekday Meals I came up with utilising the RSPCA Approved Chicken Breast ($12 bucks a kilo) Thigh Fillets ($11 bucks a kilo), 3 star Beef Mince ($5 bucks a kilo) and Thin Beef BBQ Sausages (1.7kg for $7 bucks) on offer at Coles.
Oh and just a heads up – I also have a chance for you to win a $100 Coles voucher at the end of this post, so make sure you enter so that you could possibly save even more dosh on your grocery bill.

So how would you like to win a $100 Coles voucher to put towards your own grocery shopping?
All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me in 25 words of less;
 What is your number one tip for making weekday meals easy?
Then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below and BAM you are in with a chance.
The competition is open now and closes Friday 12/09/14 at 7pm AEST
So tell me, what is your number one tip to making weekday meals as easy as possible?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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