The Official Adventure Time Animation ContestOne of our favorite…

The Official Adventure Time Animation Contest

One of our favorite Adventure Time characters is Marceline! To get you inspired for our Adventure Time Animation Contest! we thought we would hit you with some fun facts about the Vampire Queen:

  • Marceline is a vampire but she drinks the color red instead of blood. Um, whoa.
  • She has cool skills! She can shape-shift, levitate, and move things with her mind!
  • You probably already know that Marceline is an expert bass player, but did you know she can play basketball too? The girl can dunk– even without levitating!

You’ve got 6 days left to enter the contest! Remember you can use any animation technique you like, just make sure it’s :20 seconds or under and stars your favorite Adventure Time characters. Don’t forget to use #AnimationTime in the comments so we can find your entry.

The winning animation will be featured on Cartoon Network during an Adventure Time special event. Pretty cool, right?

More details here!

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On _Reverberations_

Lauren Bakst was the R&D Season Fellow for CHOREOGRAPHY. In a series of three texts published on Six Degrees, Bakst shares several lines of inquiry she pursued while researching the R&D Season’s thematic during her residency, addressing how considerations of subjectivity, affect, memory, and history can be taken up through the skilled dancer’s body and choreographic forms within exhibitionary s…

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How to Show User Registration Date in WordPress

Do you want to show the user registration date in WordPress? Often popular membership sites and forums display the user registration date on profile as “member since 2015”. In this article, we will cover how to show user registration date in WordPress.

Showing a the date of a user's registration in WordPress

Where and How You Want to Show User Registration Date?

Some of you may just want to display a user’s registration date in the admin columns of the Users page. This will give you a quick overview of when a user joined your website and allow you to sort by registration date.

Another usage scenario is to display a user’s registration date on the ‘Edit Profile’ page. This will allow any administrator and the user themselves to see when they joined your website.

Last but probably the most popular usage scenario is when you want to display the user registration date on their public profile on the front-end of your website.

Let’s take a look at how you can do all of them.

Adding Registered Date Column on Users Page in Admin Area

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Admin Columns plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » Admin Columns to configure the plugin.

Add registered column in users table

Under the admin columns tab, click on users and then click on add column button.

Next select ‘Registered” in the Type drop down menu and click on store updates button.

You can now visit the users screen where you will see a new column labeled ‘Registered’ showing the date when a user registered on your WordPress site.

Users table with registration date column

See what other things you can do to add and customize admin columns in WordPress.

Showing Registration Date Field in User Profile

For showing registration date on the edit profile page, you will need to upload a custom plugin to your website.

Simply create a new file on your computer using a text editor like Notepad and save it as membersince.php on your desktop.

Next open the file and paste the following code inside it.

Plugin Name: Member Since
Plugin URI:
Description: Adds registration date on edit user profile screen. 
Version:     1.0
Author:      WPBeginner

namespace ShowMemberSince;
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'ShowMemberSinceinit' );
 * Adding needed action hooks
function init(){
  foreach( array( 'show_user_profile', 'edit_user_profile' ) as $hook )
		add_action( $hook, 'ShowMemberSinceadd_custom_user_profile_fields', 10, 1 );
 * Output table
 * @param object $user User object
function add_custom_user_profile_fields( $user ){
	$table =



Member since: %2$s

'; $udata = get_userdata( $user-ID ); $registered = $udata->user_registered; printf( $table, 'Registered', date( "M Y", strtotime( $registered ) ) ); } ?>

Save your file and then upload it to your WordPress site.

Finally you can connect to your WordPress site using a FTP client and then go to /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Select the membersince.php file from your computer and then upload it.

Now you can go to your WordPress plugins page and activate this plugin on your website.

That’s all. Verify everything is working by editing a user profile on in your WordPress admin area, and you will see the user registration date.

Showing member registration date in WordPress user profile

Showing User Registration Date on Your Website

In this method, we will be using a simple shortcode to display any users registration date on the front-end of your WordPress site.

First you will need to add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin.

function wpb_user_registration_date($atts, $content = null ) { 

$userlogin = shortcode_atts( array(
'user' => FALSE,
), $atts );

$uname = $userlogin['user'];     

if ($uname!== FALSE) {             

$user = get_user_by( 'login', $uname );  
if ($user == false) { 

$message ='Sorry no such user found.'; 

} else { 

$udata = get_userdata( $user-ID );
$registered = $udata->user_registered;

$message =	'Member since: ' . date( "d F Y", strtotime( $registered ) );

} else { 

$message = 'Please provide a username.'; 


return $message; 


add_shortcode('membersince', 'wpb_user_registration_date');

Next, you can display a user’s registration date by simply using the shortcode like this:

[membersince user=peter]

Replace peter with the username that you want to show.

We hope this article helped you show registration date in WordPress user profiles. You may also want to see our tutorial on how to add additional user profile fields in WordPress registration.

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Chicken Fajita Recipe

Chicken fajitas is a special Tex-Mex dish that contains chicken breasts coated in special sauce and served in a plate with a corn tortilla and vegetables. To enjoy this tasty dish, it is best to learn the different simple and easy-to-follow chicken fajita recipes.

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Juan Montaña


Designed by Sociedad Anónima | Country: Mexico

“Moonshine was the name given to illegally distilled whiskey during the US Prohibition, among this time, production was carried out at night, under the moon’s rays. Juan Montaña is a Mexican distilled liquor which represents the southern US., made out of natural products such as water, yeast, corn kernels and barley. Its branding, packaging and graphic language are inspired by the story of a typical old hermitliving in the southern US Mountains, represented with a vintage ilustration at the top of the label. We chose to merge a rustic style with spare printing techniques to create a fresh design, combined with old fashioned elements to reflect the natural essence of the product. The result is a label with a vintage and raw look that give it a handmade feel.”

lovely-package-juan-montana-4 lovely-package-juan-montana-3 lovely-package-juan-montana-1

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